With miBoodle, parents really can have it all…

With miBoodle, parents really can have it all…

Thanks to miBoodle, the exciting new way for people to earn money online, stay-at-home parents who want to dip their toes back into the world of work now have a genuine and exciting way to earn money without having to leave their children.

There’s nothing better as a parent than being there for your child’s first smile, its first words and its first steps. These are times and occasions that will never happen again. But being a stay at home parent also comes with plenty of challenges too. There’s the sleepless nights followed by early mornings and those seemingly endless nappy changes and feeds. Then of course there is the financial pressure that may follow after giving up a full-time position to bring up children. Following this, there is the question of what happens when a parent is ready to re-enter the world of employment. Could long gaps in a CV be a hindrance, and have their skills and qualification now become outdated and are no longer relevant?

The solution of course to all of these concerns is to try and find some sort of flexible, part-time work. This enables a parent to spend a good amount of time with their child and not miss out on their early years as well as earning money. Flexible employment also allows mums and dads to fit work around childcare and other family commitments. It also helps them to build their confidence back up after a break from work.

Take a look on the internet and you won’t find a shortage of opportunities offering the chance to work flexibly from home and earn money online. However, the reality is that despite there being lots of opportunities, the genuine ones are few and far between. That is until miBoodle, the exciting way to earn money online for parents and anyone else who wants to make a potentially significant online income.

The idea is simple. With miBoodle, you can automatically create, without any programming knowledge, up to ten websites on any subject that interests you. Each of these is automatically populated daily with some of the finest content on the web. Then, you share this content across you growing social networks and the more that this is read and shared, the more money you get paid.

Payment is made by Paypal or you can choose miBoodle tokens, the more of which you earn enable you to rise up the miBoodle platform’s tiers and increase the rate you earn. What’s really good about miBoodle is that it is automated, which means there is hardly any time investment needed, making it perfect for parents in particular who want to spend more time with their little ones whilst still earning money.


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