Three ways to earn extra money (and one that’s really, really easy)

Three ways to earn extra money (and one that’s really, really easy)

Are you one of those people who always find themselves a little bit short coming up to payday? Find yourself seeking your cash out until your monthly wages hits your bank account. You might even have found yourself on occasion waiting at the cashpoint at midnight the day your wages go in!

The fact is though, according to a study by leading motoring magazine Auto Trader, as many as one in three of us run out of cash before payday every month.  For some people, the first move in beefing up their bank balance is to sign up for overtime or go looking for a better-paid job, but that may not be for everyone. What shouldn’t be overlooked is that you can make some decent money from your home in your spare time and a lot of these don’t require you to do very much to make the cash, and others may let you cash in from something you already enjoy doing, such as using social media.  We take a look at some of the best ways to make money at home:

Rent out a room

Did you know that your home doesn’t have to be just the place that you live? If you have a bit of extra space, it can turn into a real money-spinner. If you have a spare room or two, then you could look at letting it out to a lodger or on a shorter term basis through sites such as Airbnb. Best of all, you can enjoy £7500 of it without paying tax thanks to the government’s Rent a Room scheme.

Rent out your driveway

Did you know that you can rent out your driveway as well? It can be particularly lucrative if you live near a busy city centre, sports stadium, airport or station. According to the Just Park company, some people can earn up to £3000 per year.

Rent out your car

If you’re someone who doesn’t use their car very much and it spends a lot of time outside your house, then why not consider renting it out? There are lots of car clubs across the UK which could turn your rarely used car into some extra cash. Some car clubs estimate that you could earn over £3000 per year.

The easier alternative

As good as all of the above options are, they do involve a bit of disruption. You may not want to share your home on a long or short term basis, renting out your driveway could be a bit disruptive and renting out your car could be more. So if none of these options is suitable, there is another option, it doesn’t involve any disruption and it’s suitable for absolutely everyone. It’s called miBoodle.

miBoodle is a blockchain based platform that allows anyone, wherever they are in the world to become a micro-publisher, creating up to ten sites on subjects that interest them. No programming knowledge is needed and the subjects chosen are completely up to the user. These can be broad subjects such as football or fashion, or something more specific such as a particular sports team or even a particular celebrity.

These websites are them integrated with your social channels (Facebook etc) and content is posted across them automatically. The more that this content is clicked and shared, the more you are paid. Over time and by growing their social audience, you can potentially earn a significant and sustainable income with very little effort.

So if you want to earn some extra money and don’t want any disruption, why not give miBoodle ago? Within a short time, you could be earning a tidy amount every month.

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