The Gentle Introduction To Crypto And The Blockchain

Cryptocurrency is seemingly everywhere at the moment. Every new startup seems to be building their businesses on the blockchain and the newspapers follow the ups and downs of some of the leading cryptocurrencies with interest, there being regular stories being published on them. The rise of cryptocurrencies is also a regular feature on TV news shows.

Despite this growing awareness of cryptocurrencies, there is one glaring fact that remains: Whilst there is a big increase in the awareness of cryptocurrency, the general public simply aren’t engaging with it. A study by in the USA found that despite there being an increase in the numbers of Americans owning some form of cryptocurrency, at 8%, it’s still less than one in ten people. When asked why 40% of people said that “there is no need or they are disinterested.”, 35% said that “it’s too high risk” and 27% said that “it’s too complicated to understand”.

It’s understandable in many ways why so many members of the general public aren’t yet ready to make the leap and start engaging with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. In the current climate where we are constantly told that “where there is blame, there is a claim”, it’s no surprise that even many financial advisors are wary of crypto, with many of them following the advice “if you can’t explain it, you shouldn’t invest in it or recommend it”.

Even well-known TV celebrities are expressing their caution about bitcoin. Just recently on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the popular HBO show, the British comic summed up his view of cryptocurrency said: “Everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers.”

He went on to say: “Many people are buying coins for no reason other than other people are buying them.”

It’s one of the reasons why miBoodle was created. As well as being a way for people to make a consistent and scalable way of earning money online, it’s also a way of gently introducing people to the concepts of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Built on the blockchain and enabling people to earn money and/or miBoodle tokens (a crypto utility token) that can be used to gain access to higher earning tiers, it’s a risk-free and simple way for people to engage with crypto and the blockchain.

Anyone over the age of 18 can get involved with miBoodle, only requiring a social media account to begin. There’s no investment required either, with miBoodle tokens and cash being earned rather than having to be bought. It’s so simple and straightforward, miBoodle is perhaps the most exciting innovation to happen not just in the world of crypto and the blockchain but in social media too.

Why not give miBoodle a try today?

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