The benefits of becoming a ‘miBoodle mom’

miBoodle is the fantastic new way of earning money at home. This blockchain based platform lets anyone, regardless of their age or whereabout make money online with no financial investment. Utilising the power of social media, over time you can build up a significant and sustainable income.

If you’re a mom who’s looking for a way to earn money to enable you to stay at home with the kids, it offers a viable way to do this. We look at some of the benefits of becoming a ‘miBoodle mom’.

Spend more time with your children

Building up a monthly income with miBoodle can let you spend more time at home with the kids, especially if you don’t need to work anymore. Being a miBoodle mom lets you be part of your children’s routines throughout the day, not just morning, evenings and weekends. You can enjoy long walks with your toddler, hear all the news when your child gets home from school and just generally have the time to enjoy your children being children.

Save on childcare costs

If you have children, then an added bonus of being able to spend more time with your children is that you don’t need to spend any money on childcare. Unlike work from home jobs that still might mean you need time alone to work and thus need childcare, miBoodle is completely automated enabling you to be earning money while you enjoy your offspring’s childhood.

No more commuting

When you travel to work, much of it is lost time. You are either working or spending time with your family. Becoming a miBoodle mom means no more of this wasted time, leaving you more time to spend with your family and friends. Another plus is that you’ll save money on travel costs. No more large-scale spending on train tickets, petrol, car insurance or maintenance.

No more ‘work wardrobe’

When you work in a regular job, it means you have to have a whole set of clothes just for this purpose. When you become a miBoodle mom though, there’s no need for this other wardrobe of clothes. There’s simply no need for all that formal business attire or the costs that are associated in buying it.

Save money on food and drink

A coffee at the train station on the way to and from work. Another on the way to a meeting. Then there’s lunch where you might buy a sandwich and drink too. All these costs add up and you could be spending up to £10 a day which works out at £200 per month. When you’re not commuting or spending time at work, these costs are minimized.

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