miBoodle: The solution to a debt-free retirement?

Retirement prospects for people across the world are generally looking in poor. According to new research from the UK by Aegon, one in seven UK homeowners will still be paying a mortgage into their 70s.

The study found that 14% of the people questioned were still expecting to be making payments on their home after retirement age. More than 40% of those surveyed said that they will still be renting at 70. The study questioned more than 700 people between the ages of 18 and 64.

Steven Cameron, pensions director at Aegon, said a combination of homeowners getting on the housing ladder, higher house prices and longer borrowing terms were the main factors in the response.

He said: “Paying off your mortgage in time for your 70th birthday is now far from a given. Inflated property prices mean those getting onto the property ladder are doing so at later ages and are borrowing more for longer. Those left with an outstanding mortgage on their property face the prospect of either budgeting mortgage payments into their retirement or alternatively continuing to work. “We know that one in four people expect to still be working at 70, but not everyone will be fit enough or want to do so.” Mr Cameron continued: “As younger generations increasingly fail to get onto the property ladder, renting a home becomes the long-term plan.”

Could miBoodle be the answer?

Whether you are looking to boost your income in a bid to pay off your mortgage early or if you are already retired, still paying a mortgage and just want some more money, miBoodle could be the answer you are looking for.

miBoodle offers is a simple and easy way for anyone, any age and in any country to make the most of their growing social audience and make money from it. Over time, users can build up a significant and sustainable income. This money can be used in any way the user wants, such as boosting retirement funds or paying off a mortgage.

Users can make up to ten websites, all automatically built by the platform that is then populated with content from some of the finest sites on the web on the subject of their choice. Users connect their social channels to the platform and content from their sites is shared across their social networks. The more this content is read and shared, the more the user gets paid.

If you’d like to improve your retirement prospects or if you’re already retired, would like a simple way to boost your income, why not give miBoodle a go? It’s simple, straightforward and completely free.

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