miBoodle: The perfect way to boost your retirement funds

miBoodle: The perfect way to boost your retirement funds

Are you saving enough for retirement? Probably not, according to the new survey by Schroder’s fund management. Britons underestimate the cost of living and how much they need for a comfortable retirement, with the average person expecting living expenses to account for 38% of their yearly retirement costs, when the real figures is actually closer to 53% according to those already retired. The figures are very similar across Europe as a whole, where non-retired people expect living expenses to account for 35 per cent of their retirement income, yet those in retirement actually spend 50 per cent. This means that many people in the next wave of retirement could be in for an income shock.

Lesley-Ann Morgan, head of retirement at Schroders, said: “There is a real danger that people globally are underestimating their basic living expenses and the level of income they will need to live comfortably in retirement, particularly in the current environment of low returns and increasing inflation.

“There is no magic wand for savers. To avoid facing challenging financial circumstances on retirement, they need to recognise the need to start saving as much and as early as possible.

“Leaving retirement saving until you are nearing your 50s and 60s is likely to be too late to make up a savings gap.”

But what if you have left it a little late to boost your pension savings? Or for those with a long work future ahead, what other ways are there to earn more money to save towards retirement?

One option is miBoodle.

miBoodle is the revolutionary new blockchain based platform that lets users become a micropublisher. Users can make up to ten websites, all automatically built by the platform that is then populated with content from some of the finest sites on the web on the subject of their choice. Users connect their social channels to the platform and content from their sites is shared across their social networks. The more this content is read and shared, the more the user gets paid.

miBoodle is no ‘get rich quick scheme’. What it offers is a simple and easy way for anyone, any age and in any country to make the most of their growing social audience and make money from it. Over time, users can build up a significant and sustainable income. This money can be used in any way the user wants, but those who are not retired may choose to divert some of this cash to their retirement savings and for those that are already retired, their miBoodle earnings could be a valuable additional income to their pension.

If you’d like to boost your retirement income or savings, why not sign up to miBoodle? It’s completely free and it could give you financial freedom.

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