miBoodle: Helping Span The Gender Gap In the World Of Crypto And Blockchain

Is cryptocurrency a bit of a ‘boys club’? It is said some experts and the statistics seem to back it up. In October 2017, MyEtherWallet.com revealed just how many more men were following them than women, showing that 84% of their followers were men, with just 16% being women. They commented at the time “…this is freaking absurd.”

Source: https://twitter.com/myetherwallet/status/921579075897933824

The Big Ethereum Survey, carried out in 2017, had even more shocking results. According to this extensive survey, 96% etherians are men, a mere 4% are women.

It’s not just a lack of women who are engaging with crypto; there’s a big gender bias when it comes to working in the industry too. Blythe Masters, one of the most famous women in finance recently said at a Futures Industry Association conference in Boca Raton, Florida that it ’s been a “downer” moving from banking, where gender diversity is bad enough, to the even greater lack of female representation in blockchain.

“It’s somewhat disappointing, after spending the better part of three decades in the financial services sector, to move to a new sector in technology and find things are even worse there.”

The tech industry, in general, has always been male-dominated, but this is beginning to change. However, in crypto and blockchain industries, they seem to have been very male-dominated from the beginning. Much of this is thought to do with the fact that these disruptive technologies first became popular through websites that themselves are dominated by male users, such as Reddit and 4chan. As crypto matures, however, the gender bias, both in terms of people working in the industry and in terms of those engaging, investing in and utilising crypto does not seem to be evolving. With cryptocurrency and blockchain technology being one of the best opportunities for wealth creation in the near future, this bias has to change.

miBoodle: Opening Up Crypto And The Blockchain

There is hope on the horizon however with miBoodle. Unlike cryptocurrencies that are perceived as complex by the general public, miBoodle is a platform, built on the blockchain that allows anyone with at least one social media account to earn money online. By sharing content and growing their number of followers, users can earn money in a regular and sustainable way. Users can choose to be paid by Paypal, or choose to be paid in tokens, which can further increase their earning capacity.

Len Burgess, founder of the miBoodle says the miBoodle platform is a segue product, a way of opening up the world of digital currencies and the blockchain to the masses.

“It’s simple, easy and open to all and as well as being a way to earn money, we see it as a segue for those sectors of society including women who are not engaging en masse with digital currencies and the blockchain.”


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