miBoodle: Helping more people engage with crypto

miBoodle: Helping more people engage with crypto

There’s no doubt that more and more attention is being placed on cryptocurrency. Over the past 12 months, there has been a lot of attention placed on the trading price of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Whenever the price rises, it led to more and more people publicly declaring that they wished they had engaged with and invested in cryptocurrency earlier. But has it led to more awareness about cryptocurrency amongst the wider general public?

According to a recent survey… no. COBINHOOD, the crypto-service platform surveyed over 1000 Amercian adults in a bid to find out. Amongst the survey’s findings were:

Knowledge and understanding of crypto is not universal.

According to the survey, just over half (56%) of people knew that cryptocurrency was a term used to describe a decentralised digital currency. 22% had some (albeit misguided) understanding, thinking it referred to digital wallets used for ecommerce and 14% thought it was something to do with debit and credit cards.

Most people don’t know what an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is

29% of those questioned in the survey thought that the term ICO stood for international currency organisation, with 32% not knowing what it good for at all. When it came to the knowledge of how to get involved with ICO’s, unsurprisingly there was even less knowledge, with only 9% knowing that US citizens cannot participate in an ICO.

The majority of people have no clue where to buy cryptocurrencies

More than three-quarters of those questioned said that they had no idea as to how they would go about buying cryptocurrency. The survey also revealed that there was widespread uncertainty about both the size and the scope of the cryptocurrency market. Just under half of all respondents thought that were less than 10 actual cryptocurrencies when in actual fact there are more than 1500.

miBoodle: The new platform introducing crypto to the masses

Hope is on the horizon however in the quest to bring a greater awareness of cryptocurrencies to the masses. Built on the blockchain, this platform is simple to use and easy to understand and will eliminate many of the barriers for the average person to enter to world of crypto and understand it a little bit more and maybe even start engaging with it.

The idea behind miBoodle is simple. It’s a platform that allows people to earn money from becoming a micropublisher and earning money (or miBoodle tokens) from social media. The platform lets people create up to ten news sites, based on whatever they are interested in. Then, they sync their social media channels to the sites, and regular, informative and engaging content is posted across the networks driving traffic back to them. The more traffic the sites receive, the more money the user makes.

Where crypto comes in is in terms of payment. Users of miBoodle can choose to be paid by Paypal or they can choose to be paid in MiBoodle tokens, the more of these the user earning, the greater the rate they earn overall. These blockchain based tokens are a simple, easy and risk-free way of being introduced to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

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