If you’re looking to make extra money, don’t get caught out by get rich quick schemes

If you’re looking to make extra money, don’t get caught out by get rich quick schemes!

Most of us, if we’re honest, would like to earn a little bit of extra money. Whether it’s for a trip away, for Christmas or just to have a little bit more money in our pocket, it does make life that little bit easier. Which is why there are lots of schemes on the internet that promise easy ways of making money. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these don’t deliver, with some even being outright scams. We take a look at some of the get rich quick schemes you should avoid.

High yield investment programs

These are sold as schemes that can transform your financial situation. Unfortunately, whilst the transformation promised is a positive one, the reality is that for the vast majority of people, the transformation is negative, with many losing all of their savings.

Assembling items at home

These types of opportunity offer people the chance to work from home putting together jewellery or other small items. Whilst it is possible to make money from it, in most instances the pay is very low when compared to the amount of time it takes to do the job.

Pyramid schemes

Although pyramid schemes are now illegal in many countries, they do still exist in varying formats. A pyramid scheme is essentially any scheme where you buy something and are then encouraged to get several more people “under you” to do the same, and you have to encourage each of them to bring on board more people. As you can see, you’re never, ever going to be at the top of this mountain, and it’s only ever those people that make any serious money.

Seminars/conferences/webcasts that promise the earth

The subject is irrelevant really, it could be property, marketing, the stock market or a whole host of other things. What they have in common is that the people behind these schemes generally don’t make their money in the thing they are promising to reveal big secrets in, they make their money up front by taking payment for people that want to attend the conference of the meeting. What they say once you have paid for the ticket doesn’t really matter, and in many cases what they say its a complete fabrication.

Paying for ‘insider information’

Lots of people are drawn to schemes that offer ‘insider information’ on ways that they can make more money. Information that comes from ‘insiders’ however is often completely untrue, and could even be illegal. And the big question is… if you had discovered a fantastic way to make millions of pounds, why would you be telling anyone else about it?

But… there is an alternative

Unlike the above get rich quick schemes, miBoodle is a way of building up over time a potentially significant and sustainable income.

miBoodle is a platform that is built upon blockchain technology and enables people to earn money by utilising their social media accounts and social following. Free to sign up to, miBoodle lets you build up to ten websites on any subject of your choice, automatically populated with content from some of the most authoritative sources on the web. You don’t need any programming or web design knowledge, it’s all done for you.

Next, all you have to do is connect your social media accounts. Then, highly targeted and highly engaging content is posted across them automatically. The more that this content is read and shared, the more money you earn. Over time, by growing your social following, you can earn a sustainable and potentially significant income.

Interested? Give it a go! It’s completely free and it could give you the financial freedom that you crave.

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