Frequently Asked Questions

miBoodle is a membership platform that enables all consumers to earn a monthly income utilizing sustainable proven digital media methods, including;

All members can become a micro-publisher, building 10 personalized news websites, based on content that interests you.

All members can become a Social-Influencer by delivering the targeted social media campaigns across your social networks.  miBoodle tracks the performance of these campaigns and allocates the revenue back to you which can you view in your dashboard.

All members can become a Micro-Affiliate.  Our affiliate program is a Referal based program where miBoodle will pay you for all new members you generate through the miBoodle platform.

There are 2 ways in which you as miBoodle member can get paid.

1 – You can get paid via Paypal

2 – You can get paid in miBoodle tokens that you can then use to move up the miBoodle tiers, which will increase your earnings.

We (miBoodle) hold the relationships with the major advertisers, brands, networks and agencies and these are the companies that pay you for your activity with your miBoodle account.

All revenue earnings are visible on your personalized dashboard and are broken down per revenue line

You are able to integrate an unlimited volume of social networks to your miBoodle account.  At the moment miBoodle is only integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin but our team are beavering away to integrate other major social networks and we will update all our members when these are integrated.

miBoodle tokens are a utility token that all members ‘mint’ in conjunction with members revenue earnings.   Members can then use these tokens to then access the additional miBoodle tiers which will increase members earnings.

miBoodle tokens are ERC20 tokens

You can earn between £10.00 ($14.00) to £10,000.00 ($14,000.00) per month with miBoodle but it depends on your level of interaction with miBoodle and how you use the tools available.

We aim to make it as easy as possible to make money with miBoodle but we can’t do it for you, unfortunately.  All the tools we have developed are developed with revenue-making in at the forefront of our minds & we have provided various pages (Welcome Tutorial, Hints & Tips, Live chat & Full FAQs) to help you maximize your earning opportunities.

miboodle is open to everybody over the age of 18 years.  If you manage to register an account and you are not 18 years old + once we have identified your account it will be shut down.

You can have as many miBoodle accounts as you wish, there are no limits.  We encourage you to create multiple accounts, create multiple news sites across all your accounts and increase your earning opportunities monthly.

No, the more people you introduce the more money you will make!  Remember everybody you introduce needs to come through from your ‘Member Referral’ so we can track accordingly and allocate the cash to your account.

Yes, we want miBoodle to be integrated with all the major social networks ASAP.  We are currently beavering away working on integrating Pinterest and Instagram and this should be live shortly.  Once integrated we will email you and let you know about the new feature and you can enable straight away.

At the moment we are integrated with Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  There are no limits on the number of social accounts you can integrate with you miBoodle account.

Only 600m miBoodle tokens (MIBO) have been created, no more tokens will ever be created.  200m (33.3%) of the 600m tokens are available for all members to ‘mint’ in conjunction with your earnings.

The additional tokens have been allocated to other areas of the business but will all be in circulation within 1 year of miBoodle launch, enabling all members to purchase/exchange these tokens in order for all members to move to tier 4.

Yes, absolutely!  There are various tools built into the miBoodle application that let you run all your activity as a business.

  • Available features include,
  • Adding your company social links to your bespoke news sites
  • Adding your company name, registration details to your bespoke news site(s) Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie policy
  • Add your company registration number to invoice purposes
  • Add your VAT Number for invoicing purposes
  • Add your company trading address for invoice purposes

At the moment these tools are only open to UK based businesses and SME, however, our development team are beavering away to make these same tools available for other territories as well.

We will, of course, keep you up to date when other territories have been included from a business perspective.

miBoodle tokens are minted daily within your personal account.  All members mint 1 token for every £0.40p ($0.56c) and you see these tokens within your account.

Tier 1 – Standard business model but enables members to receive 375 tokens, which are transferred to the members ‘wallet’, or members can receive the £150.00 ($208.00) cash to stay within T1.  If members receive 375 tokens to their wallet these tokens can to used to purchase access to next tier and the member transfers the 375 tokens to miBoodle ‘wallet’, access to next tier will then be granted.

Tier 2 – Increase earning, base margin + 10%, £600.00 ($834.00) threshold to be made to receive 1500 tokens which will be paid to ‘Wallet’ once tokens have been transferred member can then use tokens to purchase access to tier 3 by transferring tokens back to miBoodle or they can receive payment in cash which transfers tokens back to miBoodle, or they can take tokens and stay in current tier.

Tier 3 – Increase margin on base to 20%. £1,500.00 ($2,087.00) threshold to be made to receive 3750 tokens which will be paid to ‘Wallet’ once tokens have been transferred member can then use tokens to purchase access to tier 4 by transferring tokens back to miBoodle or they can receive payment in cash which transfers tokens back to miBoodle, or they can take tokens and stay in current tier.

Tier 4 – All members have used 5500 tokens to access tier 4, these tokens have a value of £2,200.00 ($3,061.00). All revenues members make in T4 are paid at base rate + 30% and subject to token availability for every £2,200.00 ($3,061.00) a member generates an additional 5500 tokens will be allocated.

The choice is always the miBoodle members!  You can decide to take the fiat currency of miBoodle token

Yes.  There are various ways in which you can personalize all your sites;

  1.  Customer the URL of your site
  2. Keywords for increased content
  3. Add your own Youtube Channel to your sites
  4. Write your own content & publish accordingly
  5. Add your own Podcast
  6. Write your own content

Currently, all members have the choice of 4 site templates that can be used, all 4 templates are very different from each other and are not industry or niche specific.  Members can choose the template, upload your own logo and personalize the site with all personalization features for a truly unique site experience.

Yes!  We encourage all members to write their own content for their sites which provides your sites with a more personalized feel.  There is no limit to the volume of content you can create and all content you write will sit within the ‘Editors page’.  You can;

  1. Write your own content
  2. Distribute specific page socially for increase reach and revenue
  3. All written content will be added to ‘miBoodle Community Area’ enabling other members to publish across their personal sites and push to their social networks, all will increase revenue for the content creator.