Building your online business with miBoodle

There are many applications online that can enable consumers to build a business online and miBoodle should form part of this mix but it can also become your main online business if you wish.

So how does this work?

Firstly you need to start integrating your social networks to miBoodle, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin, remember there are no limits on the volume of social networks you can integrate.

Once these are integrated set up the content distribution, which is a great way of increasing your social presence & increasing engagement. We would recommend delivering specific content to a specific social profile.

Secondly, build your 10 personal news site & start sharing these sites across your social networks & promoting these sites outside of your social networks, the more people who read your sites the more you get paid.

We, miBoodle, have the relationships with all the major advertisers, DSP, media agencies & networks so ads will always be shown on your sites, the more site views the more money you are going to make.

Thirdly, select the ‘Social influencer’ campaign that matches your social audience and start promoting, everybody who responds to these campaigns means you get paid, we upload new campaigns every day and promote these to all our members to promote across their social profiles.

Remember, within the accounts section of your miBoodle account, you can set up and add your company details so all your personalized news sites will be linked and titled your company name, address and registration numbers, add your business Paypal account and we will pay your business account.

miBoodle is built for our members, we are always looking for ways to increase our members earning potentials & we will be releasing new revenue solutions and additional tools for you to utilize.

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