Are you the next Social Influencer?

Everybody who has a social media account can become a social influencer and with miBoodle we enable consumers who have 100 to 100,000 followers to start monetising their social audience by becoming a Social Influencer. You simply integrate your social media accounts with miBoodle, select the influence campaign you want to send to that Social account, send & Voila, your first Social influencer campaign has been sent. Check your dashboard regularly for revenue updates

Social Influencer Features

Watch now to see What it’s like to become a Social Publisher
  • Earn money from Social influencer campaigns
  • Deliver target social influencer campaign to select social network
  • Automate delivery for ease of use
  • Track all social campaign performance in bespoke dashboard
  • Unlimited social integrations
  • Mint new miBoodle tokens daily
  • Get paid Monthly in fiat or miBoodle Tokens (MIBO)

Is becoming a social influencer appealing to you?

Start monetising your social networks today

Its never been easier to make money online

  • Social Influencer campaigns that fit your profile

    All members are able to select the Social Influencer campaigns that match your profile and your follower’s profile and send to your social networks when you like.

    The choice is completely yours!

  • Mint miBoodle tokens

    All members ‘mint’ miBoodle tokens daily based on the amount of money you make within your account.

    miBoodle tokens enable all members to move up the miBoodle tiers where you can earn more money monthly without changing your activity or miBoodle usage.

  • Get Paid monthly

    All members get paid monthly either via Paypal or in miBoodle tokens, the choice is yours.

    Join miBoodle and start earning a 2nd sustainable online income and get paid monthly


Build 10 personalized news websites, publish and start earning money immediately.  You will never have to worry about content again.

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Invite all your friends, family and followers to join the miBoodle community and get paid when they join, a great way to earn extra money.

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