Are you the next publisher?

A miBoodle membership enables members to build up to 10 personal news sites around topics that they are interested in. You simply add the Keyword Topics you are interested in and our proprietary technology which analyzes all content we receive on a daily basis and only populate your personalized news site with content that matches your Keyword Topics, coupled with your own written content about said subject provides all members a unique site you can share across all your social networks on a manual or automated basis.

Publisher Features:

Watch now to see what it’s like to become a web publisher & how you can start making money
  • Build 10 Personal news sites
  • Personalise your News sites with content that interests you
  • Fresh content delivered all day
  • Get paid every time somebody views your news site
  • Over 12,000 News sources from all over the world
  • Over 250,000 News stories received per day
  • Automate News site delivery to selected Social Networks
  • Build your own Newsletter Database per site
  • Integrate Newsletter data with leading email marketing companies
  • Add Analytics to each site to track the performance of your sites
  • Unlimited Keyword changes per month
  • Write your own content
  • Add your podcast to your site
  • Add your Youtube Channel to your site
  • Mint new miBoodle tokens daily
  • Get paid Monthly in fiat or miBoodle Tokens (MIBO)

Is becoming a publisher appealing to you?

Start earning immediately

Build your 10 sites and get paid monthly

  • Build your 10 personlized websites

    With every miBoodle membership, you can build 10 personalized websites, each site can be tailored to content that interests you or content that interests your social audience.

    The more synergy between the content and your social audience the more site visitors you are going to receive, which means more money for you!

  • Mint new miBoodle Tokens

    All members ‘mint’ miBoodle tokens daily based on the amount of money you make within your account.

    miBoodle tokens enable all members to move up the miBoodle tiers where you can earn more money monthly without changing your activity or miBoodle usage.

  • Get paid monthly

    All members get paid monthly either via Paypal or in miBoodle tokens, the choice is yours.

    Join miBoodle and start earning a 2nd sustainable online income and get paid monthly

Become A Social Influencer

Start monetizing your social following by sending targeted social influencer campaigns to your audience and increase your monthly earnings.

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Become A Micro-Affiliate

Invite all your friends, family and followers to join the miBoodle community and get paid when they join.

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Earn Cashback

Purchase products through miBoodle and receive cashback from some of the worlds leading brands.

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