Advertisers working with miBoodle

Utilising the entire suite of tools available for members within miBoodle, each designed to increase a member’s earnings by becoming a publisher, affiliate and social influencer, there are a number of advertising networks and agencies that are working with miBoodle to help our members increase their earnings on a daily basis;

  • Google Adx                         lkqd
  • Double Click                      Freewheel
  • OpenX                                – revcontent
  • PubMatic                          – Indexexchange
  • Switch                                –
  • Clicksco                            –
  • AppNexus                        – spotxchange
  • Impact Tag                       –
  • Taboola                               – smartadserver
  • Contextweb                     –
  •              –
  •                     –
  •                     –
  • Experian                            –
  •                         – theagency
  •                   – rubiconproject

Each advertising partner whether direct or indirect is utilizing the miBoodle platform and members to increase their reach for their advertisers and brands, our members play a pivotal part in the advertising ecosystem enabling for greater reach and transparency, while we (team miBoodle) help our members increase their earnings which in turn means our advertisers are getting new eye-balls and routes to market.

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