3 Signs You Love Social Media (And How You Can Make Money From It…)


 Do you almost every social media channel going? Does your LinkedIn profile have a link to your Twitter page? Is your Twitter page linked to your YouTube channel which is in turn linked to your Facebook profile which is fully integrated with your Instagram account? Is this linked to your blog which aggregates all of your tweets, updates, check-ins videos and photos all in one place? If so, you are a serious social media user and you must LOVE it!


 Are you the sort of person who in the morning, the first thing that you do is check every one of your social media accounts. Logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, to check up what everyone’s been up to, from family and friends to your favorite celebrities and starting conversations that will continue throughout the day and into the evening? If so, it’s a surefire sign that you’re a lover of social media.  


 Can you not live without your phone? Are you the sort of person that if you’ve set off to work and realise that you have left your phone at home, you have to turn back round and go and get it because you just cannot bear to be without your social media channels? Are you the sort of person that goes into a panic if your phone runs out of charge and you’ve forgotten to bring your charger with you? Do you find it unbearable to not know what your family and friends are up to, or what the latest celebrity gossip is? If so, you’re obviously someone who absolutely LOVES social media.

“Social media is a waste of time….” Wrong!

 Do you display any of these signs? If so, you may have had lots of people saying that you’re wasting your time spending so much of it on social media. In some ways they may be right, because you’re not really gaining much from it are you, apart from some interaction with family and friends and keeping up with the latest news and celebrity antics. You could use this time to do something more constructive, such as working, keeping fit or partaking in a hobby. However, things are changing and now there’s a way you can be making money all of the time that you spend on your social media channels….

miBoodle: Make money out of your social media channels!

 miBoodle is the exciting new platform that lets people like YOU, lovers of social media make money out of their usage. It’s really simple and you can be set up and running within minutes. All you need to do is sign up to the miiBoodle platform which is completely free-of-charge and then connect your social channels to it. Then, post highly-targeted, interesting and informative content to your social channels and the more the more that this is read and shared, the more money you make. That’s it, so simple, straightforward but very effective. Build your social media following and over time you could be making significant amounts of money just from using social media.

 Sound good? Why not sign up today?

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